Ansuz (pronounced Awn-sooze) is the fourth rune of the Futhark and of Freya's Aett. It represents the A sound in English.

The word literally means a "God" referring to the Gods and Goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir.

Ansuz is particularly associated with Odin and when reversed, with Loki his messenger. Its primary meaning is communication and thus wisdom, knowledge, insight and truth.

You may view Ansuz as representing many derivatives of these concepts such as, literacy, interpretive ability, intellect, the balance between spiritual and physical existence, a runemaster/mistress, shaman, magician or clairvoyant.

The Anglo-Saxons also ascribed the meaning "Mouth" to Ansuz in reference to its association with messages. Some Scandinavian sources offer "River mouth" or "Estuary" as a meaning, equating the flow of water with the flow of knowledge.

The rune poems are at some variance about Ansuz. The Anglo-Saxon rune poem - as usual - is pretty clear:

The Mouth is the source of every speech,
The mainstay of wisdom,
And solace of sages,
And the happiness and hope of every eorl.

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Anzus Wisdom Rune Pendant

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