The weather is a significant factor. Insure against damage from storm, flood or lightning. Prepare for disruptive influences. A third party interferes with relationships.

Hagalaz represents hail and it’s portent may be likened to an unexpected hailstorm, an elemental disruption of your life. When Hagalaz is linked with other runes, it can suggest limitation, interruption, or delay, and imply a complete change in direction. Hagalaz can also mean suffering, hardship, illness, or injury.

Personal Interpretation
Challenges are occurring in your life. These are not to be feared, but faced. A hailstorm is daunting, but if you catch a hailstone you will see that it is only water, nothing to be feared. So it is with challenges. Fire up your determination, and face the challenges head-on knowing they are just stepping stones on the way to your goal. The greater the challenge, the more you gain by overcoming it.

Comes with a waxed adjustable loop style string.
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The pendant is s 0.74 inches / 19mm long

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Hagalaz Rune Pendant - Overcome

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