English Letter Equivalent
Long O as in old, or short O as in cot

Hereditary land, possession.

Home or homeland. Hearth, family, inheritance, estate, possessions.

Acquisition. Benefit through inheritance or birthright. Fair play. Great mental capacity. Adventurous nature. Cultural maturity. Personal skill, adaptability. Love of family, home and homeland, patriotism. The honest and just are destined for great wealth.spinel

Othila means the ancestral country or home, property, and fixed wealth or inheritance. This can include your inherited characteristics from past generations that you will also pass on to your children – or it can represent a united family's strength. Othila can be seen as everything that you have accumulated during your lifetime, and can also represent your spiritual home.

hawthorn (mayflower)Personal Interpretation
At this time of re-focusing, fix your goal firmly in your mind and let your thoughts attract the energy you need to reach it. You must concentrate to read all the signs, but don't try to force the issues. Your objective is like a wild bird in the palm of your hand. If you grip too tightly, you risk killing it.

Comes with a waxed adjustable loop style string.
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The pendant is s 0.74 inches / 19mm long

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Othala Home Rune

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