What is the meaning of Vegvisir?

The Vegvisir symbol is very old and sacred. Viking and Norse sailors used this symbol as it was believed to show the way back home and protect them from storms. This is why it is also said to be a viking compass. It is also a spiritual compass that guides your heart and steps to make the right choices. Also if you have lost yourself and your faith, Vegvisir will help you find yourself again.
Originally the symbol comes from Iceland. Famous singer Björk has tattood the symbol on her arm.


The pendant comes with a waxed string that has adjustable loop so you can easily adjust the length of the string.



This item is made from brass. Brass is very resistant material.
You can wear the pendant while taking a shower or swimming.

The diameter of the pendant is 1.06 inches / 27mm

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Vegvisir, Viking Compass to Show Way Pendant

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